Students using a PASCO data logging sensor outdoors to record data from a body of water onto a tablet device

Connect wirelessly. Collect and analyse effortlessly.

PASCO Scientific brings award-winning data logging technology to the classroom with its next generation wireless sensors, advanced SPARKvue® and PASCO Capstone™ software, powerful interfaces and high quality lab equipment for advanced physics and engineering.

Using data logging equipment for real-time recording and analysis is fast becoming the number one way to encourage scientific investigative learning in the classroom. With PASCO’s expertise in data logging, you can turn ordinary hands-on science learning into extraordinary discoveries, thanks to their powerful sensors which provide students with an immersive and engaging method for collecting and analysing data.

As the exclusive supplier of PASCO products in the UK, SciChem is uniquely positioned to help you push the frontier of data logging and exploration in your classroom.


A selection of PASCO's data logging sensor range

Built with today’s most demanding science students in mind, PASCO’s award-winning, affordable range of wireless data logging sensors and analysis software brings plug-and-play simplicity, and advanced data collection technology, to the classroom.

  • Robust kit with a 5 year warranty
  • Award-winning wireless sensors and software
  • Growing family of sensors—solutions for all core science subjects
  • Easy to use and set up—uses Bluetooth technology
  • Free SPARKvue® data collection and analysis app for iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and Chromebooks
  • Free software and hardware updates
  • Hundreds of free lab experiments and digital resources available

Explore PASCO for Secondary Education

A new generation of award-winning wireless plug-and-play data logging sensors and data collection technology—for developing practical lab skills for physics, biology, chemistry, environmental science and sports science. These powerful sensors provide students with an immersive and engaging method for collecting and analysing data without requiring an interface or wires.

Explore PASCO for Secondary Education

Explore PASCO for Universities

PASCO’s Signature series offers state-of-the-art equipment for university-level students to perform classic physics experiments including the Zeeman Effect and Ampere’s Law. From the powerful 850 Universal Interface, PASCO Capstone™ software, to the Dynamic Smart Cart, the hardware and software PASCO develop is specifically designed for just one thing: teaching physics.

Explore PASCO for Universities

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Here at Warwick School we put experimental work at the heart of teaching and learning. The equipment available from PASCO is what allows us to make this happen and is streets ahead of anything we have seen from the competition.

Dr Thomas Munoz-Britton, Head of Physics, Warwick School, Warwick

We’ve bought lots of PASCO equipment from SciChem who have been extremely helpful with the provision of the equipment, and their aftercare service has also been excellent.

SciChem’s wealth of knowledge has provided excellent training which all the science teachers and the technicians have benefited from.

Ashok Mehta, Mackie Academy, Aberdeenshire

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